Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

About Me

Before writing this, I thought of the opening line from the film, “The Fellowship of the Ring”.

“Where to begin… ah yes… concerning Hobbits…”

Where to begin… Ah yes… concerning Solitaries…

I am a Solitary Christian, following my Christian faith with a Celtic slant, in solitude. I am not a hermit (yet) and do not live off-grid. I meet with fellow Christians regularly, as with all my friends, whatever their beliefs. But I do not belong to a church or adhere to any preordained liturgy, rite or practice. Instead, I prefer to meet with my Creator in the open air, be it in the faces of those I meet during the day, the solitude of the woodlands, or the silence of my own cell.

So why am I here?
Well if I had a mission this would be it…

I believe the only reason we exist is that God calls us by name into existence every day. We must ask every day for His permission ‘to be’. Our very being, from soul to cell can only exist as long as He “speaks” it. I believe that through contemplative prayer and meditation we can start to hear the echo of God’s voice in our being. So as we recognise and acknowledge God’s voice in our being more and more, the gap between our flawed voice and His perfect voice becomes narrower.

Amidst my morning office I ask that ‘I may be as Christ to those I meet and that I should find Christ within those I greet’1. Surely one of the keys to this is contemplative prayer and meditation. Not only would the ‘sound’ of God calling our name and self into existence be louder but, more importantly, we will start to recognize His voice in every soul that we meet, whether they are aware of their God or not.

God bless you.

Senan of Somerset

1 Taken from the Lindisfarne community’s prayer in “A way of Living”.