Senan Of Somerset


One of the traditions of the Cairn is that, as you pass, you can add a stone to the pile. It can simply say, “I was here”. It can also be a more significant gesture, a step or even a turning point. Wherever you are in the world and wherever you are on your journey, for what ever reason, feel free to add a stone to this Cairn.


I see you have recently visited Lee Abbey. A very special place for me where on 3 previous visits I have met the Lord in new and powerful ways. My advice to those going for the first time is take a supply of tissues. I have never been very given to expressing emotion but there is something about the place which really opens me up I am attending their Silent Guided Retreat in October. Colin.
Thank you Colin for taking the time to leave a comment. In many ways, Lee Abbey can be place that allows the soul “to be”. And yes, often the outer sign of this is tears.
God bless you, especially during your retreat in October. Senan.

Enjoying your site Senan. G.
Thank you G for taking the time to have a browse. Glad you are enjoying it. Senan.