Senan Of Somerset

I’m not a hermit(yet)


If you have found your way to this page, then first I must thank you for your interest, and secondly state that this not a request for any financial support. However, it is a poorly veiled request for your prayerful support in discerning my path forward from here.

I will occasionally post a dated update on this page, but will, for the foreseeable future, not add links to the “What’s new” page.

1st November 2019

For some years now I have had an increasingly strong vision of a Hermitage, set in the woods somewhere on this planet. A place primarily dedicated to prayerful seeking.

To seek His face and to seek His will.

But this would not be a place of total isolation. Far from it.

My vision is of a place, isolated only to the point that to journey there would require a “good walk” through the woods, or, if the latter is impossible then transport in a suitable vehicle (4×4).

This place would have the foundation of a regular office said morning and evening (possibly more) to which any pilgrim would be welcome along with some light refreshment if needed. But in addition to this, the place and its surroundings would always be available to anyone seeking a little solitude, spiritual refreshment and the healing power that comes from all the beauty of nature that surrounds that place. Finally a place to meet, talk and pray together. 

(Please note again that I am not a trained or qualified counsellor, neither am I a spiritual director; I am simply a fellow traveller who can add my prayers to your own.)

Such a place, that is already blessed with the “thinness” of God’s creation, would be enhanced by the prayers of a supporting network of friends and supporters…

24th November 2019

As before, for some time I have often walked past such a property set in the woods, on the boundary of a Christian community that would eminently fit all the requirements detailed in the first post on this page.

It’s not for sale, and it probably won’t ever be. If it was, I probably couldn’t afford to buy it. I can’t foresee how I could support myself financially if I was living there. I have no information about the state of the property, services, internet (I would like to continue to write, and stay in contact)… So as you can see it will be an easy path with one or two very minor obstacles…

As I recently said to a confidant and friend, “Its a crazy idea”.

However, there have been many accounts both in recent history as well as in biblical times where God has asked some people to do some crazy things.

So I’ve taken a very small step of faith and posted a simple letter to see if the property is ever likely to ‘come on the market’. I’ll leave it there for now, save to say I would value your prayers and thoughts.

Senan of Somerset.

(P.S. The featured images are not related to the property in question)