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Easter Saturday (continued)

Of all the days during Easter, I still find Easter Saturday to be the most poignant. The Christ, that was made flesh has died, and like Bach’s St Mathew’s Passion, I like to pause for a little more time than comfortable at His graveside.

In the Creed said by so many across the world, we say, “He descended into hell”. An extraordinary statement in many ways, and in the same way, open to interpretation.

Meanwhile we read that Judas took his own life after the events of this passion tide. For some I’m sure he is beyond redemption, banished from heaven and sent to hell…

But wait one moment. Where is the first place The Christ goes to after His death. “He descended into hell”.

Did He go there to find someone? Was Judas the first person to meet with Him after His death. Was Judas the first man to receive forgiveness from the The Risen Lord. I like to think so; it breathes life and hope back into this world.