Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

2020 Vision

“A new life awaits you in the off world colonies, the chance to begin again in the golden land of opportunity and adventure.”

A quote from my favourite film – ‘Bladerunner’, released back in 1982. A rather violent and dark story about a possible future for our planet – (not to everyone’s taste I might add and warn)

There seems to be so many possible cliches about the year 2020 so far. 20-20 vision seems to be the most obvious; an uncluttered view of the world and life, in a renewed focus, with a different type of clarity. Re-evaluating ourselves and our relationships, our ambitions, and perhaps even our deepest desires. I’m sure the list continues… A new and growing appreciation of all the things we have taken for granted and at the centre of this is of course family and friends.

A close family member and friend is a first responder medic and is often present in situations where a patient is potentially facing their own death.  He has recounted to me on more than one occasion a profound and recurring fact. When faced with their own mortality, their thoughts are never on money or possessions, but on the desire to correct and/or repair broken or damaged friendships.

In the same vein, through a previous job, I was often confronted with fatalities as a result of a road traffic collision. For me the most profound memory was of the simple fragility of human life.

The Coronavirus pandemic has, and is still exposing us all to the message of the simple fragility of human life. It has also raised all these subjects and questions about our lives, relationships, our treatment of others, the environment… the list is a long one.

But, for me I think with a backdrop of the simple fragility of life, I would like to try and take on a forward looking vision of “a chance to begin again in the golden land of opportunity and adventure”. Not a perfect, utopian cinematic vision of the future, but a simple shift of attitude to the possibility of positive opportunities of both life, and attitudes to life.

It is perhaps, a little profound that the film “Bladerunner”, released in the last century, was set in November 2019…

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