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Senan Of Somerset

Give us today our daily breath

I know it not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am definitely a morning person. Yesterday and last night we had a healthy storm here in the UK. So this morning I have been out walking while the sun comes up. Everything is still wet from the rain, and the developing autumn colours in the morning light are quite simply breathtaking. But talking of breathtaking, the air… if I could ever describe the air as being delicious, then this would be the time. I’m sure to an observer it probably looks a little strange, but I’m standing on a puddle filled track next to a ploughed field with my eyes closed just revelling in every lungful of morning air. Bliss.

Some time ago, I spoke to someone who spent a period of their adult life as a Buddhist monk. A significant part of his initial training was simply learning how to breathe properly. It instilled a unique appreciation of not only the workings of their own body, but of all life. This morning this is real. To try and explain anymore would understate the simple gift that is the mystery of life.

And it is truly a gift.

Sometime ago I wrote the following, so apologies if you have already read it but it seems apt to repeat it.


I try to enjoy this breath right now.

We are all guilty of waiting until the weather has passed by
Or travelling to where the sky is blue.
We do not have to wait to enjoy the blue sky or travel to find it.
I do not have to wait to enjoy the next breath I take.

But I enjoy the breath I am taking now.

I do not need to travel to be in the presence of others
As I can enjoy the presence of those around me now.
I do not need to wait for the flower to open
When I can enjoy the leaf that surrounds it now.

I do not need to wait for the best friend I’ve ever had
When the person next to me could be a friend I have never met.

I do not need to be in a church to enjoy the sanctity of God
I can enjoy His presence in the breath I am taking now
I do not need to be silent to hear His voice
I can enjoy Him calling my name in the breath I am taking now

I do not need to die to enter His Kingdom
I live in His Kingdom with every beat of my heart

As I enjoy the breath I am taking now.

Here in the UK we are entering another period of isolation. Shortly after the first lockdown, I met someone who had had the covid-19 infection. Now cleared of the virus although still suffering from some of the long term effects, they shared some of the experiences of the disease. I won’t bore you with the details save one and that was the breathing difficulties associated with the disease. He said it was simply like having a lung full of broken glass.

So in the light of this and the wonderful air that I’m breathing now, can I encourage us all once more to remember those who cannot breath so freely and are literally fighting for their lives together with all those who are caring for them in every way.

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