Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Rhythm and Views

I walk past a particular garden most days, and as if by magic and almost over night they have appeared! Shoots from a Hellebore, green buds at the base of last year’s Sedums, and the first Daffodil shoots have broken through the dark cold mud. Like a loaded gun they wait for the trigger of spring to be pulled.

My own style of faith leans heavily on nature. One of the most important aspects of that is the simple rhythms that are all around us and within us. From the crashing waves on the sea shore to our own heartbeat. From the tides to our own breathing. Then at the other end of the scale, the cycle of life and death and the annual times of spring and autumn.

Day and night are another obvious regular cycle in our lives. At about 3:00am on Christmas morning I decided to go out for a walk into the night. The air was cold and crisp. I wondered if in the houses around, the younger members of the families were already awake wondering if a certain character (red tunic, bushy white beard) had paid them a visit.

The silence of the night was then broken by a robin in a tree above my head. Not just a chirp, but a full blown chorus of song.

The new year is upon us and as I set out on my own path again, I try to remember that we all have our own paths and rhythms. For some they may be enjoying a new dawn while others are walking out into the night. For some the tide is out revealing a large expanse of dry sand while others are perched on a rock at the high tide mark watching great waves crashing below them. For some autumn beckons while others are enjoying spring.

If you find yourself on a wintery path, look carefully. The hellebores, sedums, and daffodils will soon appear, and if you are walking out into the night, I hope you can hear a robin announcing that the dawn will arrive soon.

May God bless you as you venture out into 2020.

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