Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Stating the obvious

On a daily basis I receive contact emails via this site stating; ‘I have enjoyed looking at your website, but have noticed ways in which you could double your profits by visiting the following website………”

An automated scam/phishing email… But what I find amusing is, it is obvious that they haven’t read anything from this website because it doesn’t make any money, let alone profit! Now if they’d said they can help me make “Prophet”… now that would have grabbed my attention!

I have also received genuine emails criticising the content saying it’s wrong, off track and outdated to name but a few… I have studied these emails with concern and love, and I have read the material that has been forwarded to help ‘guide’ me on my path. Criticism is always hard to take and I try and take it seriously. However I have to say, like the phishing email, it was obvious that some of the opinions were from people who hadn’t read a word of what I’d written.

So the non dualist in me says “you are right to find that what I have written is different from your own path, and I am pleased to hear your views. Thank you for this and may God bless your path”.

Non dualism has become a fundamental part of my life. (If you want to know more, I would recommend you read some of Richard Rohr’s work). My hero Thomas Merton, does not use that exact term but he spoke about it on a regular basis. The ‘no conflict’ solution together with the acceptance of another’s differing views is obviously a more ‘peaceful one, but more importantly he talks extensively about the effect on the self.

The tremendous release from the effort in having to justify one’s position is transforming, and empowering. It allows so much more clarity of thought as to your own path, and does allow discernment about what is important.

August 31st is traditionally the feast of St Aidan – Bishop of Lindisfarne. A determined man, but from all accounts, a ‘quietly’ determined man. He was less interested in forcing his views on those around him. Instead he concentrated on living an ‘example life’ and allowed others to decide on whether to agree with him or not.

(If you are interested in reading his wonderful prayer please click here.)

So if you are feeling a little isolated in location, mind, soul or path, I would encourage you to continue pursuing the Path that The Creator has laid before you with a renewed ‘clarity of thought’.


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