Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

The Cup of Christ


“Answer me this. Why do you seek the Cup of Christ?”. A quote from one of my favourite films; Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

Grail hunting and Grail lore is a fascinating subject and I have always been interested to watch the many documentaries on the The Holy Grail, the Knights Templar and other related subjects. The concept of a warrior monk is a subject that I’m sure many pages could be written…

But it is the question, “Why do you seek the Cup of Christ?”, that still makes me stop and think.

At this moment many of our churches are shut due to the current crisis. For many, the Eucharist is normally a weekly event, and for some communities, it is celebrated daily. Thanks to modern technology, many of us can join with others over the net for a communion service. But there is something special about being in a place set aside and joining with others to remember Christ’s death on the cross, His resurrection, and the promise of being united with Him through the sacraments.

I’m sure we all look forward to the return of those times. But…

For me it is becoming an extraordinary time of simple questioning and seeking. More recently, I have focused on the question, “Why do you seek the Cup of Christ”.

I wrote about my journey in “The Cup of a Carpenter”, but beneath all this is that question again; why do you seek His Cup? What are your simple motivations…? I’m sure there are as many reasons as there are people reading this, from the ritual to the spiritual affirmation… and they are all true and valid. Equally, we will all be on our own journey unique to us and us alone with its own landscapes and trials. But it is still an opportunity to have a quiet, reflective look. I say ‘looking quietly’ rather than looking, microscopically, analytically, theologically, philosophically… or any other kind of “cally”, (to paraphrase D K Suzuki). ..

No, just a quiet, peaceful look; to visit the event or act in our minds and souls during this time of solitude.

During these times, there can be a sense of almost overwhelming uncertainty… Health, relatives, friends, employment… they all seem to be pressing in on all sides. When I focus on the Cup of Christ, it does return a great sense of calming certainty to my quivering soul. A sense of perspective. …Earth may pass away, but I will endure…


So in the words of my favourite collect, I simply pray – that we may pass through all things temporal and loose not those things that are eternal.

God bless us and keep us all.



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