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Senan Of Somerset

Will we run out of tunes


First of all, my heart goes out to those who suffer in hospital, those who mourn the loss of a loved one, and wish every blessing and protection on those caring for the sick and keeping the place running. (I still have electricity, gas, internet, my local shops have food and medicine, and the rubbish is being collected… the list goes on). So please remember all these people in your prayers.


Theoretically there are only a certain number of sequences of notes on a keyboard…

At the moment it may feel a little like this, as I write these things during one of the most extraordinary times that we have ever seen, be it in the UK or indeed across the globe.
Stuck at home, in isolation with the odd outing for the necessities of life, there are only so many walls that can be redecorated and only so much that can be done in the garden.

On the face of it… rather depressing. But to return to the notes on a keyboard:

Each note can be played for a different period of time, and of course can be accompanied by other notes to create cords, both minor and major. We are not limited to a keyboard. The voice, strings, pipes to name but a few. And on these instruments, notes can be bent, drifted, graced.

I believe, like the stars in the sky, and the new discoveries being made all the time, there’s plenty of music still to be discovered.

I am finding during this time, life is being stripped back to its basics. For me, it is important to add a few extra notes to all that I’m doing to add some spice to life. A few extra minutes taken to make a meal different, seems to add something worth while. During my walk, I try to take a little extra time to study a bud swelling with the life of spring.

Prayers and meditation are a little different as everyone is unique in how they quieten their minds. A bit like dissecting a frog; you could pull it apart to try and understand it, but in the process the frog will probably die…

That said I will share my own way. I have a vivid imagination and I try to visualise the place I desire to visit but a place I cannot go. The seashore. As with the music, I try to start with one note; a breaking wave. Then I slowly add other notes and harmonies. The noise of pebbles rolling back into the sea, small rock pools being refreshed by the incoming tide, seaweed being washed to and fro and even the smell of the sea. Soon the rhythms of this place seem to settle the mind.

This, of course may not be your cup of tea. Perhaps something else. Pheasants calling in the woods, a steam train under full power, a babbling brook.

I can hear some wailing at this point that their imagination isn’t quite that wild. Well, sometimes mine isn’t either. But I do have this thing called the internet and for those times when things are a little too quiet, I have found a wealth of seashore sounds to download, (I’ll leave where and how to you). So to sit and listen to the sea (with the occasional advert from the service I use) seems to hit the spot.

There is of course music…

God bless you during these unusual times.


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