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Senan Of Somerset

Winter is coming

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, I’m sure your ears have pricked up. I took the above picture a couple of weeks back as the sunshine caught the autumn colours along one of my favourite walks. Seeing the hedge reminded me of the times I spent laying hedges for a couple of local farms, estates and the odd small ‘garden job’. Hard physical work and usually in inclement weather, but the end result was always deeply satisfying. Seeing the hedges this colour would mean that it is not long to hedge laying season, when winter will have stripped all the summer leaves, leaving all the bare branches, stems and twigs, ready to be laid and woven into a living fence.

I’ve just walked the same, path and the road is now full of leaves after a couple of frosts and storm Arwen.

Winter is coming!

This week the news is now full of mentions of the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. “Omicron”. Who knows what effect this little letter “o” will have on our lives over the coming months. I’m sure many of us are weary of pandemics and like. There is also a returning sense of dread… ‘here we go again”.

Hedge laying in many ways is a brutal act but I always love to go and see the hedge in the following year. New life and beauty emerging in abundance from the old branches. It is one of the great joys of the spring season.

Whatever happens over the next few months, the earth will continue to spin and the joy of spring will return. And before that happens we will be celebrating the time when The Christ took on human form and walked upon this earth. He too saw and experienced the comings and goings of the seasons; times of darkness, times of light and times of new growth.

God bless you whatever this season holds for you, be it simply some peace and quiet, or times spent with family, or even none of the above. And spare a thought for all those who will still be working and keeping the earth spinning.

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