Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset


Last month I explored a few ideas about “God and place”. I also recalled John O’Donnahue’s idea of, “When you are away from your home, does your home miss you?”

I was recently away from my home during some alterations to the building. Perhaps its just age, but I do find it harder and harder to be away from ‘home’. I do have one special area in my home, which I have set aside for ‘silent seeking’. You might call it a cell. Over recent times it has doubled up as an area to put things in and was genuinely useful to those people kindly modifying part of my home.

When I finally returned to this space it felt a little empty, echoic and cold.

They say time heals… Having spent some time back in this space, the warmth and peace seem to be returning.

This time of year it is not hard to experience the darkness with the short winter days. So I turned all the lights off in the house and spent some time in this space in total darkness. It felt like a freshly ploughed field of dark soil ready for planting. Then I lit a single candle, like dropping an acorn into the freshly tilled soil, and watched the light build.

The candle burning in my cell

A simple flickering light
The walls start to yield
To the warmth of the flame
A drape of folded wax

From wrinkled shoulder
A flowing breach

It bleeds

Though it yields and has bled
At the centre a heart still beats

A flame of such simple beauty
It has brought a warm and living Spirit
Into this little room.

In this season of Advent, we look forward to the arrival of the One who brought light and yet has bled. If you can spare a minute, light a candle in the darkness and enjoy its light.

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