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Senan Of Somerset

Feeling Pruned?

A close friend of mine always wanted a Bramley apple tree. We planted one and all seemed to be going well and it had a few apples. Now as you know the fruit of the Bramley apple can be on the large size, and for a young tree with spindly branches, it can cause problems. So within two years we had a tree with heavy fruit on thin branches with a high risk of breakages. It needed some fairly major surgery. There was an air of dismay when I informed my friend that after this major prune, there would be no fruit for the first year and probably no fruit in the second. In fact any fruit in the second year might have to be removed so as to allow the tree to develop stronger branches. You can imagine, this did not go down very well.

We often refer to the illustration of the vine being pruned in the Bible. But it always seems to have quick results. But perhaps the apple tree is a better example. The first prune can be rather radical, but unlike the vine, there maybe further pruning to come before any fruit is produced. Furthermore, and as if to add insult to injury, when the tree finally produces fruit, the gardener may come along and remove it to allow the tree to continue to develop.

Sometimes we find ourselves walking a path that seems to be getting nowhere. In fact life seems full of pain and losses, and whenever we seem to gain ground, the gains seem to be cut away.

If this is ringing few bells with you, then perhaps you should spare a thought for our friend from the Old Testament, David. Anointed in his youth… how many years was it before he wore the crown.

God’s plan is bigger than your thoughts, your mind and the impossible is possible, but it may take some time.

I’ll leave you with a thought about one of my favourite insects, the Bumble bee. Often seen earlier than other pollinators as they can cope with colder temperatures (fur coat!). Apparently, man has proved that the Bumble bee is aerodynamically impossible – It can’t fly. Wingspan, power to weight ratios etc etc. However, as you and I know, it can fly.

So, why does the Bumble bee fly?



God bless your path.

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