Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Have you got the time ?

An atheist friend of mine asked me this;
“Explain this then, with all the Christians in the world praying to this god of yours at the same time, how can he listen to them, and speak to them all at the same time… Explain that!”

My usual answer is an honest; “I don’t know”.

I’m sure there are many textbook answers to this, but I’m afraid, I don’t read many textbooks. Some explain it in terms of the fifth dimension; length, height, depth, time and then the fifth dimension – the spiritual realm; a place beyond time, where time stands still. This may make sense to you and ‘nails down’ the problem. However I feel that whenever man tries to explain or even nail down a mystery, all he succeeds in doing is ‘reducing’ the power of the mystery.

I like to celebrate, but not explain, the many mysteries of my faith. To leave them as mysteries allows me to explore them with no boundaries of ‘thinking’.

But it did get me thinking…

I often refer to my God as “The Creator”. The great maker of all things; from the piece of granite I have on my desk to remind me of Sutherland, to the little black fly buzzing around my head that we all have “enjoyed” so much this summer in the UK.

Before time, God is… I AM. Perhaps the big bang was the moment God created time.

To create is to make.

If we set aside some time for HIM. Perhaps He will MAKE some time for us…

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