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The Cool Evening Breeze

The Cool Evening Breeze

I’ve been reading the account in Genesis of Adam’s encounter with God. Some translations use the phrase, “in the cool of the evening breeze”. I’ve always wondered whether there was more to this than meets the eye.

With the book of Genesis, I think we can be allowed a little ‘licence’ when interpreting the accounts of our Creator. But what if the description of the encounter was more literal than we think? Was Adam’s encounters with his Creator just that – a cool evening breeze?

I am a fan of a certain style of writing on the subject of prayer. This is especially the case with the likes of John O’Donnahue, Richard Rohr and Thomas Merton to name but a few. The latter, Thomas Merton is one of my spiritual heroes and in my view is one the greatest writers on prayer from the last century.
He speaks of… prayer… moving beyond the spoken word into a simple realisation of the presence of God.
In the light of this, and returning to Genesis, then, being washed over by a ‘cool evening breeze’ starts to make sense. So, is the Genesis account something more? Is this the original blueprint for our relationship with The Creator? A simple breeze gently washing over us.
Of course, Genesis then goes on to show how this relationship was broken, and in many ways, this relationship continued to be actively broken all the way through the Old Testament despite our Creator’s efforts to restore it. Then in the Gospels, the final straw is the death of Christ on the cross, even though moments before, He still reaches out His reconciling hand to those present; “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”, and to the thief, “today you will be with me in paradise”.
But, it was through this sacrifice that the relationship was restored.
How it was restored through the death of an innocent man remains a mystery. But within our faith there are great mysteries to be contemplated. I like to think these mysteries are believed in, but never quite understood.

For me, the repairing of the relationship with our Creator is finally sealed at the Pentecost. Perhaps man can now communicate with God in the same manner as described in Genesis.

Meanwhile, and as if proof was needed, the breeze returns as the writer in Acts 2 describes the sound of a mighty wind blowing through the room in which His disciples had gathered.

So, I hope that all of you have had a restorative Easter, and are looking forward to a transforming Pentecost.


As the weather warms up, hopefully you can enjoy the occasional cool evening breeze.

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