Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset


Walls and boundaries seem to be in the headlines a lot recently, be it Europe and ‘Brexit’, or America and its border to the south. Then there is India and Pakistan and I am sure the list is not limited to these cases.

Walls are erected for many reasons. To keep something in. To keep something out. To reassure. To threaten.

Then of course there are other walls not made of bricks and mortar. These can be of a political nature, or maybe of a personal nature but both are often linked to protecting personal interests.

However, the last thing I am going to do is to get bogged down in some political or psychological debate.

Instead, when thinking over this subject I recalled one very special wall; Hadrian’s Wall. One of my last and fondest memories of my late father was a walk we took together on this marvellous wall. We walked through a section known as the Sycamore Gap. It was later made famous when it featured in the film “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”. To the west of the gap, the path climbs quite a steep section of the wall, and I was suddenly aware that I had left my father behind. Equally I became very aware that he was no longer a young man.

Now when I look in the mirror I now see an older face and white hair – I am no longer a young man either.

But when I consider my life then and my life now, I can see that I no longer have some of the barriers in my life and walk a very different path.

And there it was in front of me – A picture of Hadrian’s Wall. A wall built as a barrier and boundary and yet after the passing of time, it is now a path.

In this time of spring; a time of new hope, perhaps we should all be praying that some of the world’s walls will be transformed into paths.


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