Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

With a bump

It’s all over. I think I may have put on a pound or so, I’m knee deep in wrapping paper, and the prospect of returning to the normal routines of life is on the horizon.

To pay the bills, I work in a little shop, for which the Christmas trade is important. For those reading this who do something similar, you know that by the time you get to the day itself, all you actually want to do is go home, shut the door, turn the phone off, unplug the door bell, pull up the drawbridge… find the slippers, and possibly pour yourself a glass of something special. In my case it was a splash of a pale amber liquid that came from the Island of Islay off the West coast of Scotland, and is probably not the one you are thinking of…

And all this, because of a small light that appeared 2000 years ago around 2000 miles away from where I’m writing this. A light that took the form of a child born to refugee parents a long way from home in a stinking stable that was probably infested with fleas, and knee deep in cattle muck and other animal waste. A simple child within whose small hands lay hidden, the power to set the stars in the night’s sky.

So perhaps if you have landed back on planet earth with a bit of a bump, and after all the celebrations, you find yourself knee deep in ‘you-know-what’, the days will now start to get longer, the buds will begin to swell and it will be warmer soon. But most of all, that small light that appeared in Bethlehem 2000 years ago will continue to bless this earth with God’s love and joy.

God bless you in this new year of 2019.



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