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As a young boy, I was always fascinated by moths and butterflies. One of my favourites was the Puss Moth. Now a bit older, with grey hair on my head, and a few extra aches and pains in my bones, I still look out for eggs of the moth on a poplar tree that I planted some twenty years ago specifically for that purpose. This year I found five eggs and I have five caterpillars growing rapidly in a protective sleeve on the tree.

Soon they will entomb themselves in a rock hard case made of silk and chewed up wood for the winter.

There are many sermons to be told of the metamorphosis of caterpillar into moth as it is remarkable process. However, today for me they had a different message.


As I spent some time in simple silence watching these creatures going about their business amongst the leaves, I became aware of the great hive of activity amongst the branches of this tree. The large caterpillar methodically munching on the leaf. Ants tending a small herd of aphids that in turn were drinking from the sweet tree sap. And of course, an approaching ladybird larva with an insatiable hunger for aphids…
As I breathe out, part of that breath will be absorbed by the tree and through the miracle of photosynthesis, be converted in to sugars and cellulose, which the caterpillar now consumes. The same sugars are being siphoned off by the aphids, harvested by the ant, and possibly about to be converted into a new ladybird.


Through my breath, there, in that simple scene, I became connected to all the life in front of me.

Communion is a “sharing”.

To share this Communion with the created and The Creator was, and still is truly empowering.




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