Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Footprints in the sand

A beach I walked on long ago
I return to see once more
To see the stream through fresh sand flow
And prints on unmarked shore.

No single foot has marked the gold
Since moon and tide has passed
And yet deep marks so very old
Lie ‘neath the sand worm’s cast.

A time before, I walked this shore
And stood beside this stream.
Footprints left in sand once more
Yet sadness fills this dream.

Footprints, yes, were here before,
Upon this smooth flat sand
Two sets had marked this virgin shore,
We’d walked there hand in hand.

Regrets, I’ve non held in my mind
Of this love lost and past
The person I’ve no need to find
It was destined not to last.

Yet here I must still shed a tear
In memory of that dream
Of a love that was to me so dear
As I stand beside the stream.

The moon will come and tide will turn
The beach will then be clean
The channels cut by this wee burn
Are wiped from this sad scene.

A course, it must now find anew
To travel to the sea
A daily chore of cutting through
The sand by cliff and tree.

The tide has turned and cleared my beach
And left some brand new land
Yet hand in hand’s beyond it’s reach
Like footprints in the sand.


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