Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Hearth and Home

Sometimes when facing a major decision in my life, I try to make my way to the coast and spend some time watching the rhythm of the waves and tides.

On this particular occasion I found myself on a sandy beach  at low tide near to the time when the tide turns.


The tide is low and not yet turned,
My vigil is to watch
The point at which the waves return
Across this sandy patch.
I want to know the answer now
And see the first advance
To and fro and to and fro
I watch this time old dance.

Each wave unique its course in sight
Not just differing in size,
Some break left and some break right
Each striving for the prize.
Is this the one to make it there
Above all others now
To run across the dry beach here
Before it takes a bow.

But still no winner shows a lead
Upon this battle ground
And as I watch each breaker plead
New truths there I have found.
Every wave a soul may be
As it struggles up the sand
Yet lows and highs are what I see
As on the beach I stand.

I think again of what must be
These to’s and fro’s of life
Of highs and lows upon my sea
As I struggle with this strife.
The time to choose is near at hand
But the question still remains
But highs and lows on my own sand
My wit and patience drains.

While thinking this, I have not seen
Where waves and shore have met
I should not let my spirit dream
And now my feet are wet.
Still now I know the tide has turned
And I want to be alone
Decision’s made no more to yearn –
I long for hearth and home.

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