Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset


Long ago in times of old, amongst our Celtic kin
‘Twas often said about some land, “This place is very thin”
It’s not about the lie of land or comment on its wealth
Or even some old sickly joke about its state of health

Instead it is a compliment about this piece of ground
For someone here before you, a blessing there has found
A very special feeling that comes from this thin place
A peace that washes through you and shines out through the face

See heaven and earth are separate, a ditch between the two
Yet here the gap is narrow, between heaven and earth and you
A thinning of the barrier ‘tween men and spiritual realms
To me a simple human, a peace that overwhelms

A little place in Sutherland – Kylesku is its name
Its where I found my own thin place – I hope you find the same
And if you feel the same way too, just reach out with your hand
For you may touch the edge of heaven while standing in this land

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