Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Our Father


A paraphrase of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, inspired within the Celtic tradition by Thomas Merton’s ‘Book of Hours’.


The One we can always call upon
Is named Companion as well as Creator.
Of whom nature asks permission to ‘be’ every morning
And the things of man stand only ‘till water, weed and tree devour.
For star, planet, earth, fossil, tree, rock, sand and salty water
View man as a single tick on the creator’s clock
He provides for plant, fly, sparrow and hawk.
We ask the same again of this day for ourselves.
Yet all of us want and take too much – forgive us
And enable forgiveness for those who want and take too much of us
From the flea to the whale, from a grain of sand to a galaxy
From our first cry to our last breath
All still need your permission to ‘be’

Creator can we ‘be’ again.



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