Senan Of Somerset
Senan Of Somerset

Sulphur Flies

Today is the 24th of March. If you are in the UK it is a significant day as it is the first day of the coronavirus lock-down. “Stay at home”, are the instructions. If you are else where in the world you may be already experiencing this phenomenon, and our hearts are with those who have already suffered tragic losses.

The outside has a surreal feel to it. The sun is shining, the plants are showing the first signs of spring and the birds are singing. But there is a strange silence… no cars, planes, or people. Normally such peace would be something to be sought, but there is a sinister edge to it.

Yet amidst this unnerving environment I have just seen one of my favourite things… A bit like the dove for Noah; it just overflows with hope.

God bless you where ever you are and whatever your circumstances are.


Sulphur Flies

Winter’s hard case finally breaks
As green spears slice from barren stakes.
The cold guardians of heather pink yields
As the lion dandy spills across the fields.

Violet burst from tired green banks
Blackbird skips along, and thanks
That blackthorn buds can at last release
The herald of an insect feast.

Still doubts say this may be a fake
As one swallow, a summer does not make
For blackthorn may make blossom fast
And can announce one more icy blast.

One thing says that spring has come
To make blackbird sing and woodpecker drum.
Look to buckthorn and hid within
It’s cold dark bark and sharpened pin.

Not shoot, flower or barb so sharp
But something so quick as flying dart
Like starting flag, it catches the eye
There it is – a Brimstone Butterfly !


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