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1st December 2019 Shared Cell 
1st December 2019 Seasonal Post (Thomas Merton)
1st December 2019 My Path (Changing roles)
2nd November 2019 My Path (ctrl-alt-del)
3rd October 2019 My Path (Kinsugi)
8th September 2019 Poetry and prose – Hearth and Home
29th August 2019 My Path (May I be as Christ…)
30th July 2019 My Path (Bees make honey…)
30th June 2019 My Path (Feeling Pruned?)
26th May 2019 Poetry and prose – The Cuckoo’s tweets
26th May 2019 My Path (Merton’s Solitude)
13th May 2019 Easter Saturday Part 1 and 2